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Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa  -  http://www.hopeofgloryministryint.org

The ministry is in a transition stage and preparing to develop four acres of land about a ten minute walk from the Mission House. After eight years of diligent prayer, patience and perseverance, the land was finally granted by the Land Ministry with permission to lease it for development.

In March, Dan Mason, a land surveyor from America and friend of Peggy’s, has been a missionary in Sierra Leone for many years. On his return visit to the country he volunteered to survey the land and draw up blueprints of the various building sites. What a blessing!

We are in the process and need of raising funds for the construction and development which will become the site for our new Mission House which will include the Agriculture training, Vocational training, Animal husbandry, Facilitator Training School, Joshua Nations Bible School, Children’s Ministry, a Retreat Center and a place where we can host short term mission teams.


Hope of Glory Land Development

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This is very exciting for our team of Facilitators at Hope of Glory who have been faithful to God and to the vision he has birthed in Peggy Cummings, the Director/Founder of Hope of Glory. After eight faithful years, we see God’s hand and his blessing he has bestowed upon the ministry, as we have trusted in His provisions and His timing.

Priority-Stage One - Our trust and desire is to complete the living quarters (the Mission House) so we can move into the new home before September 2014. Once we are living on the land site, we can then oversee the future development stages and see them to completion.

Mama Peggy over the years has had connections with Mission Direct, a construction ministry that coordinates short term teams to assist various ministries on the front line. A representative from Mission Direct visited the site for the possibility of bringing teams to partner with the development.

Pray for short term volunteer teams to be able to come and assist with the laboring and building of the many different facets of the construction and development stages.

Please continue to pray for funding of the development stages.