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August News 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

The disastrous mud slide and flood has hundreds of people without homes and their possessions gone or destroyed.


Peggy Cummings, founder Hope of Glory Ministry International

The people have all gathered at the stadium and a few selected schools where school break is happening. I feel such a sadness for them in their plight of trauma, loss and fear.

We are trying to get HoGMI teams, beginning next week, to go out to the sites where the people are.  We want them to comfort, pray for, build relationship, meet felt needs, and prayerfully lead many to Jesus.

Other countries are stepping in and sending funds to take care of these people until they can be established in a place of their own. Hundreds have died, many injured. They have all lost everything and are like refugees in their own country.

I thought to myself, I don't think I could maintain my sanity if that happened to me or my family.

Please pray for these desperate people - God can do much if we truly become His Body as He directs us to the  where, what, when, how and who.

Last week we had a long teacher training workshop and it was a smashing success. Everyone was doing their part demonstrating wonderful teamwork and Pastor Russ sent $500. Facilitator Training, Field Prayer Ministry, Children/Youth Ministry all had a part during this time. All 24 leaders (two from each center) came. With staff and myself, there were 30 in the house each night.

There were fifty to sixty every day at the Pavilion with our locals joining in. It was very well done. Isaac & Rughi led, organized, played it off brilliantly with the joy of the Lord. We are so blessed to have those two in leadership. I thank God for them every day!!

Isaac & Abdul took Martha Douda with all her "open a new center gear" (mattresses, thermos, plates, cups, spoons, pots, buckets, etc.) to Kambia District. The evening of Friday, August 18, they were meeting with the chief's, elders, and students, along with the community with explanations and orientation for the first class in our #14th District in Madinah, Kambia District.

Sierra Leone just announced this week, that they are dividing districts again and there will be 19 districts as of 2018.

Soooo, we have some more work to do, but praise God, our prayers are answered; all fourteen Centers up and going in 2017.

Peggy Cummings, Director peggycummings2010@gmail.com 011-232-7685-9160   (Orugu, Sierra Leone, West Africa)

Dorcas Merkle, Secretary jdmerk@bright.net 419-203-5070

Sharon Burns, Treasurer sharonb@csregs 720-621-3283

Send contributions to: Hope of Glory Ministry Int’l., P.O. Box 150843, Lakewood, CO 80215

You can send contributions via PayPal - sharonb@csregs.com, Peggy Cummings

The needs are great and we thank you for your continued support. If you would like to become one of our financial and prayer partners, please write us at the Hope of Glory Ministry address above.  You may also contact us …

May God Bless You as you faithfully stand with us in this ministry!


I appreciate you all more than words can say. When discouragement comes upon me, I remember you and the fact that you are covering me with your prayers and I am encouraged by your commitment and faithfulness as a part of this ministry.

Truly, it is every one of us working together as the Lord leads that is building his Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

With much love,

Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

The mud slide took the lives of some five-hundred people and one-hundred-forty-five were children. More bodies are expected to be found. 6,000 people directly affected by the mud slide and 810 missing. People left homeless after the mud slide reaches 3,000.

(Click on images for larger view)

House damaged by mud slide

Mud slide wiped everything in its way

One of many mass graves

Our ladies Facilitator Class graduated Sunday. They then left after three days of Kingdom Builders classes. Two are pastors wives of pastors Bull & Foray Gassamah, Several are illiterate, but so eager to learn and implement what they learned into their lifestyles and to go and proclaim Jesus is Lord. They have no more worries about how they are going to live. They are eager to sign up to go comfort the people at the stadium as well.


First Year is $700 and a new computer. Second year is $850. The third year is ???, at this point.

Will someone or a group of people come to his aid with the funds needed? We would appreciate it very much as we strive to be accountable with all the donations that come in to keep this ministry going!!

A Special Need

Joseph Sesay has been doing our “accounting” for several years. He has no formal training and has done the posting as I have shown him without the understanding of basic principles. He reminds me to pray for his schooling at least once a week.

So that is why I am bringing this need before you. He has shown much growth in his spiritual life; such as being much more humble and patient. He is really trying hard to catch up 2017 with the limited time he has.

He is sleeping in an office, rolling his matt and things up in a corner each day. He is diligently trying to work with a landlord who took his money but never gave him the place. People just don't care about others here.  It is a culture of corruption.

Joseph is handling the situation with the help of the Lord. I'm watching a transformation happen before my eyes. He is much more mellow, friendly, even less critical. He takes my corrections on his work with an attitude of appreciation that I take the time to show him how I want it done. Also, Joseph is a polio victim walking with crutches as his legs are quite useless.








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