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FARMING  -  We have been advised by different sources, that both Sierra Leone Government and many NGO's have interest and have devised assistance to encourage more and better farming in Sierra Leone.

And that in order to be eligible for any of their assistance (equipment, seed, funds, even tractors), we must register - so we have done that.  However there are a number of other requirements all requiring a fee. The Farmers Association we joined as Hope Glory National Farmers Association. Fee $52.00

This first farm would be located in Ropet, not far from where the Ministry Center is in Orugu.  The leader, James Brima, and wife and 3 children are sacrificially coordinating the newly opened center and are highly respected by the community.  They come from a farming community in Kailahun District and already have a garden for family and are ready to work with the community to create a farm to get our approval from the powers that be.

Then they will work with the community to farm acre by acre as they are able after the rainy season. One of the agriculture teachers at the Home Base school is in training as a teacher associate, and is planning to join this family in Ropet and begin a

6 month agriculture school in 2018.

This “2 hands of the Gospel” in action, will not only help our facilitators to provide for themselves, but give a job to people in the community. This will provide food with good health in mind and an income.

Please pray with us to see this beginning come to pass, as well as progress in our long term goals to have an agriculture school at each of our centers and land.

This will bring forth income for the support of Hope of Glory Ministry Inc. to carry on until Jesus returns.

#1- We must register by the District Director. With Ministry of Agriculture in the district we have a farm (10+ acres in Ropet) which is in the Tonkolili District whose offices are in the town of Magburaka. Fee $15

#2- We must register with the Council Chief Administrator of the National Farmers Cooperative Union (NaFCU ). Fee $18

#3 - Open a bank account for NaFCU (Union) for them to deposit donated money requiring three signatures from HoGNFA. Fee $17

#4 - All the above travel requirements, registrations, signatures, and documents, including transport, food & lodging.

Fee $140

#5 - Printing all letters, documents, constitution involved in getting them the information. All information must be filed in District the farm is in - Ropet inTonkolili District.   Fee $103

#6 - Pastor Hamid Kamara & Allie Keister attended a three day workshop in Magburaka concerning all necessary requirements for approval of government & NGO donations, including, transport, food & lodging.  Fee $57

TOTAL $402.00 paid out so far.

Bottom line - we must have a farm in action for them to come to check before we can get approval.  Keister did a cost evaluation: if we rent a tractor with an operator for a couple of acres to plow and harrow with fuel, food for workers , transportation and banana tree starts it will come to nearly  Fee $2000.

We could do all this ourselves - buy the banana trees, hire & feed villagers to brush the land, dig the holes, plant the trees - viola!!! we have a farm.

The rainy season is too far advanced to plant a garden without extra treatment, but at least we would have a banana plantation (a farm) and maybe can get approval.

So, we need YOUR prayers. All of you who read our website, all you who read our newsletters, all you precious prayer warriors… join us in prayer.  

Pray so we can expand our Agriculture Schools and donated lands into high productivity.  Points 1-6 have all been paid for.

We need to make haste as the rainy season will get like Niagara Falls and we would have to wait until October or November.

TOTAL AMOUNT NEEDED (to begin) $2,000.

We believe we will have much more interaction with the people if we do the second option with the same amount of money. They will have income and be our plantation workers, farmers, bee keepers, Agricultural students, all the while we have available for them, Facilitator Training, Joshua Nations Bible School, Children, Youth, Women's, Men's Ministries, and House Churches everywhere.

The miracle in this whole project is that God has raised up a family who are ‘called’ to oversee all of this.  They are there now leading a 2nd Facilitator class, having opened the Center in May.

Also, we finally have connected with the graduates of the Songhai Agriculture School in Porto Nova in Benin, West Africa. Their name in Sierra Leone is ‘SABI’, Sierra Leone Agriculture & Business Institution.  Ever since I toured the Songhai School in Benin when with Mercy Ships in the 90’s, we have had a vision of an Agriculture Training Center like that on the land given to us in Kargboray.  Our Agricultural teachers tried to get an appointment with them today, but the weather and SABI leaders have meetings, so not today but hopefully next week.

We have to jump through so many hoops, but the powers that be must require many hoops to prevent people who are just out for the money.  Pray we don't get caught in a corrupt scheme.  

If anyone knows about Agriculture Resources, Mission Resources, School Resources. etc. contact and get their information and let us know.

Thank you for being on board with us in prayer, donations and research.  Maybe even workshops, teams to help us build our centers…whatever.  We have a lot going on, and the joy of seeing lives transform and people stepping out in faith. People Trusting God and seeing the value of teamwork, is more than can even be described.

I decided to send a detailed report about our Agriculture situation, so everyone could understand how important this portion of the ministry is however, is not even in our budget. We definitely need the Lord's wisdom and provision. Borrowing from Peter to help Paul isn't moving us very fast. (and of course, Peter has to wait until next time).

Pray and see what the Lord would have you do!!

Love you and praise God for you,

Peggy - Founder/Director

Hope of Glory Ministry International, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

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